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  • (July 5th) Fundeye Article. - As Fintech continues to penetrate the investment world, Nicholas Earl speaks to the CEO of ALPIMA, Pierre Mendelsohn, about how disruptive technology can aid asset managers globally.“Many regard digital as a threat, but we are helping our clients turn this powerful trend to their advantage,” Pierre Mendelsohn, CEO of ALPIMA says. Read article
  • (July 2nd) Surface Tension & Liquidity. - Over the years liquidity providers, exchanges and regulators have successfully worked together to reduce the likelihood of ‘flash crash’ type events in ETFs.Recent news has refocused attention on liquidity. Read article
  • (February 28th) Wealth Management Survey. - Wealth management survey shows it's all about increasing sales and improving client experience. Read article
  • (January 21st) 2019 – Early Trends. - After a tumultuous 2018, here are a few themes and thoughts for 2019 Read article
  • (January 2nd) Something to look forward to in 2019. - Smart technology helping humans make better decisions will play an increasingly important role for product providers, managers, advisors and clients alike in years to come. Read article
  • (August 10th) Theory Guides, Experiments Decide.. - The importance of experimentation in business cannot be overstated, and recent advances in technology and data science make it possible to experiment much faster and better than before.This has profound implications for the way investment solutions are created and delivered in the digital age as investors, with more and more data at their disposal in their daily lives, demand more evidence from their financial providers going forward. Read article
  • (July 9th) An Office With A View. - Incorporating views in portfolio allocation is often an arbitrary process that does not lend itself well to objective evaluation. With the ALPIMA platform, it is possible to systematically account for market views in a given portfolio, and objectively evaluate their impact on risk and performance. Read article
  • (April 10th) The New Front-Office. - Digital transformation is, at last, being taken seriously. It is about time. What is at stake is not just achieving higher productivity and driving costs down. It is maintaining relevance, giving clients the level of performance and service they are craving for, and gaining share to 2020 and beyond. Read article
  • (April 3rd) Outsourcing, Automation, Data Science. - The comprehensive 2018 report by Oliver Wyman & Morgan Stanley on Wholesale Banks and AMs resonates with what we are seeing in the market, and echoes nicely with the work we are doing with our clients and partners. Contact us to find out how we can help you plan and implement the digital transformation of your front-office. Read article
  • (December 1st) Three Unstoppable Forces. - The digital, quant and personalization waves cannot be stopped. They must be harnessed. Generating demonstrable performance and providing differentiated service requires new tools and new thinking. Read article
  • (July 28th) The next big wave: How financial institutions can stay ahead of the AI revolution. - Finextra (in association with Intel) published an insightful paper about the challenges and opportunities banks face as they pursuit their AI initiati... Read article
  • (July 13th) FCA Study on the Asset Management Market. - The FCA recently published a study on the Asset Management Market. The findings are clear and unforgiving on the industry. Included are:The duty on fu... Read article
  • (June 14th) Curiously Calm Waters. - With the US Federal Reserve expected to raise interest rates this week and central banks in Japan, Switzerland and Britain also expected to announce t... Read article
  • (May 9th) How Blue is the Sky?. - The VIX index with a 9 handle is not a frequent occurrence. It only happened three times since the launch of the VIX index back in 1992. Yes, 25 years... Read article
  • (December 22nd) 2016 - An Even Number But An Odd Year. - The year of Brexit and Trump was extraordinary for a number of reasons - geo-political, macro-economic and markets-related. Global markets behaved err... Read article
  • (October 18th) Look Who's Back: Inflation. - UK inflation is on the rise and may overshoot the 2% target set by the BOE. In the US, Yellen sees benefits in letting inflation exceed central bank's 2% target. Our TIP MASTR series is designed to perform in this environment. Read article
  • (September 19th) Man + Machine, not v. Machine. - Given the complementary strengths of humans (imagination, critical thinking, making sense of news) and machines (computational power, storage, no judgement biases, etc.), it seems intuitively possible to combine them to yield an optimal outcome. Read article
  • (July 6th) Keep Calm & Invest Systematically. - The Brexit aftershocks are far from over, but here are a few early observations. Read article
  • (June 3rd) Mind the Gap. - Legg Mason’s excellent 2016 Global Investment Survey reveals that millennials are even more conservative than people aged forty or more in their asset... Read article
  • (April 29th) ​Lower Returns for a Lot Longer. - The excellent study published yesterday by the McKinsey Global Institute is clear: "The forces that have driven exceptional investment returns over th... Read article
  • (March 24th) For Gold's Sake. - According to Warren Buffet "Gold gets dug out of the ground in Africa, or someplace. Then we melt it down, dig another hole, bury it again and pay peo... Read article
  • (December 19th) A few ideas for a low-yield, low-return world. - In the low-yield, low-return environment we are likely to be in for a few more years, one would expect a typical multi asset portfolio to return little. So what should one do, given the critical importance of balanced portfolios to so many investors? Read article
  • (November 17th) Individuals & Technology. - Individual investors and technology are two forces which are working together to profoundly re-shape the financial services industry. Yesterday's FT h... Read article
  • (September 9th) Risk On Again. - We are back to “risk-on” for both long-only and long/short models. The question is how sustainable is this? Read article
  • (August 27th) Turbulence in Perspective. - The severe market turbulence of the last few days tested not only portfolios, but also nerves, as many were forced to travel across a wide range of em... Read article
  • (August 7th) The Long & Short Of It. - An aging bull market, the flattest S&P 500 performance YTD since 1904, interest rates likely to remain low even after the upcoming Fed raise, risi... Read article
  • (July 19th) Crisis? What crisis?. - Some important risk needles are back in the green, as if nothing had happened.The VIX closed on Friday with an 11 handle, which happened less than 8% ... Read article
  • (June 30th) Risk indicator surges. - Source: ALPIMA LtdIt is interesting to look at the impact of Greece on risk gauges.Our global risk indicator jumped 36% yesterday to levels not seen s... Read article
  • (June 19th) $2.2 Trillion by 2020. - An interesting Bloomberg article dated 18 Jun 2015 quoted a recent study by A.T. Kearney on automated financial advisors: "Assets under management by... Read article
  • (May 20th) The power of Man + Machine. - Infinite computing is deeply transforming the way the world works in many areas, including finance. It has also started to affect the way people inve... Read article
  • (April 30th) Financial Pros Choose ETFs. - According to a recent Bloomberg article, 42% of financial professionals think ETFs are the most appropriate way for a mid-career individual to invest ... Read article
  • (April 16th) Risk Indicator Lowest Since Aug 2014. - The proprietary risk indicator we use in several of our strategies is the lowest it has been since Aug 29th, 2014.It currently stands at two thirds of... Read article
  • (March 24th) FCA Sets Sights on Asset Management Fees. - The asset-management industry is to come under more scrutiny according to the FT. The FCA is set to launch a study into “charges paid by investors and... Read article
  • (March 19th) Volatility's new clothes. - Source: ALPIMA LtdOne of QE’s remarkable effects, in addition to low interest rates, has been to reduce volatility. This, however, only works within a... Read article
  • (March 17th) Smart beta too big to ignore. - According to the following article by Bloomberg, Smart Beta ETFs are now at $400bn AUM, accounting for 20% of all ETFs. This trend is too big to igno... Read article
  • (March 9th) The importance of cost control. - Source: ALPIMA LtdThe Financial Times featured an excellent article highlighting the importance of cost control in asset allocation. Read the full ar... Read article