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  • (June 18th) Boston Consulting Group Tells Asset Managers to Try a Bit Harder. - BCG sees a fast-growing universe of uninvested wealth that the fund industry should wake up to. Read article
  • (June 6th) In investing, as in poker, following rules works best. - A sound principle is to settle on a basic strategy and stick to it. In poker that means choosing in advance which starting hands you will play in each table position and deciding how you will bet should those hands improve when the shared cards are dealt. The policy also works in investment. Read article
  • (May 31st) Future of Investing is “Quantimental" . - The line between fundamental and quantitative investing is blurring Read article
  • (April 6th) FCA - Strict new rules for asset managers. - The trend towards transparency and putting clients' interests first is real, backed by FCA action. Read article
  • (November 1st) PWC's "Asset & Wealth Management Revolution". - Read article