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  • (January 1st) ALPIMA 2020 Wishes. - Join us as we look back at our proudest moments from the last year, and look forward to what we have in store. Read article
  • (December 19th) ALPIMA Corporate Video. - The investment world is changing fast. It requires new thinking and new tools. Read article
  • (December 6th) Princeton Presentation: Engineering & Entrepreneurship. - Proud to have had the opportunity to present to graduate students at Princeton University about Engineering, Finance and Entrepreneurship. https://gra... Read article
  • (November 18th) Natixis Investment Managers Chooses ALPIMA For Web-Based Portfolio Design Within Solutions Business . - ** Press Release **Natixis Investment Managers, one of the world’s leading asset management firms, chooses ALPIMA for web-based portfolio design, opti... Read article
  • (October 4th) ​Economist, "The rise of the financial machines". - The Economist recently published an article about the importance of technology in the management of longer-term investments. Read article
  • (June 25th) Julius Baer Chooses ALPIMA. - Julius Baer chooses ALPIMA for rule-based portfolio derivation and visualisation within its Investment Management business. Read article
  • (May 23rd) FT Ignites: Partner or Disrupt ?. - ALPIMA was recently quoted in an article published by FT Ignites Europe on May 23, 2019.The article weighs the argument within the asset management in... Read article
  • (April 26th) ALPIMA Hires Matt Johnson. - We are pleased to welcome Matt Matt Johnson to ALPIMA. Read article
  • (April 12th) ​BlueBay Chooses Alpima . - BlueBay chooses Alpima to further equip its sales, product and multi-asset teams to intelligently visualise its full fixed income fund suite. Read article
  • (March 18th) Nicolas Moreau joins ALPIMA as Advisor. - We are pleased to announce that Nicolas Moreau, CEO of Ladbroke Advisory, previously CEO of DWS, and before that CEO of AXA France and AXA Investment ... Read article
  • (November 21st) The rise of ‘quantamental’ investing: where man and machine meet. - "Asset managers adopt new approach in era defined by automation, algorithms and big data." Read article
  • (June 18th) Boston Consulting Group Tells Asset Managers to Try a Bit Harder. - BCG sees a fast-growing universe of uninvested wealth that the fund industry should wake up to. Read article
  • (June 6th) In investing, as in poker, following rules works best. - A sound principle is to settle on a basic strategy and stick to it. In poker that means choosing in advance which starting hands you will play in each table position and deciding how you will bet should those hands improve when the shared cards are dealt. The policy also works in investment. Read article
  • (May 31st) Future of Investing is “Quantimental" . - The line between fundamental and quantitative investing is blurring Read article
  • (April 6th) FCA - Strict new rules for asset managers. - The trend towards transparency and putting clients' interests first is real, backed by FCA action. Read article
  • (November 1st) PWC's "Asset & Wealth Management Revolution". - Read article
  • (March 31st) Who Defines the Future of InvestTech?. - ALPIMA receives a mention as one of those influencing the Invest Tech industry in Monel Amin's NY-based blog, "Diligently"."It is an interesting state... Read article
  • (March 30th) BlackRock ​Quant investment strategies to take the place of out-of-favour active managers. - "[BlackRock] plans to switch their funds to quantitative investment strategies, in what chief executive Larry Fink called a “pivot” away from areas of... Read article
  • (March 6th) ETFs extends lead on the $3tn hedge fund market : FT Weekend. - FT Weekend article about the growth of the low cost, strong performing ETF market - at the expense of the Hedge Fund industry."John 'Jack' Bogle, the ... Read article
  • (February 9th) Pensions Age : Out of the dark ages. - Pensions Age magazine recently published on their blog an article featuring ALPIMA. The blog made the point, "In a world of driverless cars, turbine-... Read article
  • (February 6th) "Alt-Beta" Funds on the Rise. - Excellent article in the Economist this week regarding the rising use of “alt-beta” funds. We agree there is huge potential in low-cost, performing fu... Read article
  • (November 18th) Spotlight on Transparency. - Today's excellent FT article about the FCA swiping at high charges and weak competition caught our attention.According to the FT - Andrew Bailey, CEO ... Read article
  • (November 8th) Investment Europe Article. - Grateful to be featured in Investment Europe today to discuss the growing importance of systematic investing and our approach to it.Please click here for the full article. Read article
  • (October 24th) PENSIONSAge Article. - Good to be quoted in this article from PENSIONSAge ( on robo-advice and systematic investing by Talya Misiri. Read article
  • (August 30th) Financial Innovation Awards Finalist. - Great to be a Financial Innovation Awards Finalist -- for the Best Financial Start-up 2016 Award Read article
  • (August 22nd) Human + Machine Approach Seems Wisest. - As conventional investment theory struggles in the era of unprecedented quantitative easing, it seems wise to follow a thoughtful human + machine approach that seeks to combine the best of both. Read article
  • (July 28th) Alpima Selects SS&C Advent APX & Moxy. - "The digital transformation of money management is real. More and more investors care about performance, costs, transparency, and risks - And they want personalized service. SS&C's APX and Moxy enable us to deliver on our vision of combining the customization our clients want with the low cost and transparency that today's technology allow," said Pierre Mendelsohn, Founder & CEO, Alpima. Read article
  • (June 13th) Fund Forum in Berlin 2016. - Good to be at the Fund Forum in Berlin yesterday. Huge interest in the automation of money management and financial advice, and the interplay between ... Read article
  • (June 13th) The Blackrock tale told in the UK : ETFs & Robo-advisors. - Thomas Bata, the founder of Bata Shoe, was fond of telling the story of how he sent two salesmen to explore market potent... Read article