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Power your front-office

Generating demonstrable performance and providing differentiated service in an age of falling margins, greater transparency and stricter regulatory requirements requires new thinking and new tools.

Our unique end-to-end platform combines decades of global markets expertise with the latest advances in data science and technology to help you industrialise and improve your business, from product design to sales & marketing.

Secure, scalable, delivered on the cloud or on-premise, the ALPIMA platform is designed to integrate with your existing systems. It can be customised to your exact needs so you can be more efficient, build better strategies faster, gain valuable insights, and deliver true personalisation to your customers, at scale, with unmatched transparency.

Icon 1Built for performance

We built our platform with performance in mind. Smart allocation, automatic re-balancing, systematic risk control, the ability to hedge out unwanted currency risks all contribute to achieving better returns over time. For those who are able, the ability to use overlays and go long and short may, in some cases, help to improve risk-adjusted performance.

True personalisation, at scale

The ALPIMA platform enables you to create and customise investment strategies that meet your client’s preferences and your market views. Our flexible architecture scales as your business grows. Computing power and storage capacity grow automatically with demand, whether our service is hosted on the cloud or on your premises.

Build iconFrom idea to execution in seconds

We make the process of designing bespoke investment strategies as fun and intuitive as building a Lego kit. With ALPIMA you can build a brand new strategy with drag & drop ease, either from scratch, or by customising an existing strategy. Use our pre-defined list of allocation engines, enter your rules, or design your own proprietary logic. Smart investing does not have to be complicated.

We make it simple for you

We make building, evaluating, comparing, and customising strategies easy. Building a new personalised portfolio from scratch takes a few seconds and execution can be done in a click. Portfolio re-balancing is either automatic, semi-automated or manual. Monitor the progress of your active portfolios through intuitive, interactive dashboards. If you need help, our servicing team is available by phone, chat or email.

The best of man + machine

The ALPIMA platform empowers you to generate insights and deliver smarter, better service to your clients. See how your views, constraints and product rankings shape your strategies, how exposed they are to the risks that matter to you and your clients, and how they might perform in the future. We regularly introduce new engines and strategies which we re-calibrate as new market data becomes available. Alternatively, you can build your own allocation engines with our quant API, or have us do it for you if you prefer.

Harness the wisdom of others

Our Share feature enables users to send each other strategies they have designed or been working on. The ALPIMA platform allows colleagues to securely compare notes on strategies they have designed and share selected content with clients, prospects and other stakeholders.

Security and Control

We built our platform with security in mind. We protect financial data using Amazon Web Services' reference architecture. We use separated AWS accounts, virtual private clouds (VPC) and VPNs to ensure your data is isolated and protected. A record of all access and change events is maintained for audit and governance purposes. If local hosting is required, we work with your team to define the parameters and optimise the implementation.