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Smart Investing Made Simple

Personalised Rule-Based Investing. At Scale.

Delivering the future of investing

We are a new-generation investment platform for institutional & professional investors. We use cutting-edge technology, data science and decades of markets experience to help our clients explore, design and implement personalised investment strategies and deliver an engaging digital client experience.


An Investment Platform for the Digital Age

The digitalisation of wealth and asset management is accelerating. Investors care more and more about performance, risks, transparency and costs — and they want on-demand, personalised service. We built our platform to help you turn this powerful trend to your advantage.


Personalised Strategies. At Scale

Explore a menu of multi-asset and equity strategies which you can customise to your requirements. Build personalised portfolios from a global universe of stocks, futures, ETFs and funds to meet your, or your clients’ specific requirements. Create your own menu with strategies you designed.

Evidence-Based, Goal-Based Investing

Monitor past performance versus benchmarks of your choice using comprehensive dashboards. See how your strategies relate to the risks that matter to you and your clients. View how your strategies might perform in the future and the probability of meeting targets that you set.

A Modular & Adaptable Architecture

Welcome to Object-Oriented Investing (TM). Creating a new strategy is as simple as building a Lego kit. We use Amazon Web Services to deliver a highly responsive platform whose computing power and storage capacity scale with demand. We can host our service in the cloud, on premise or both. Our adaptive infrastructure allows for frequent releases to keep pace with your needs as they evolve. Our library of allocation engines contains market-tested engines to which you can add your own.

Cost Efficiency

A key rule about investing better is to reduce costs, especially in the long run. We help you to keep fees low so you can perform for you and your clients.

Impact of fees


We're independent from product providers. We do not receive commissions if you trade more, and our commitment to honesty and transparency means we strive to avoid conflicts of interest.

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