Quantitative Developer

Who are we?

We're ALPIMA: a diverse and innovative group of engineers, quants and finance professionals, building the next-generation enterprise-scale portfolio construction and analytics platform for the front office. After making waves in the finance world (and having our best year ever!) we're looking to bring on someone new to our quant team. Your focus will be on software development, and you will help us redesign and improve parts of our existing codebase as well as implement new financial models and client features in addition to entire new modules. We’re fully python 3 and rely on many of the standard frameworks and libraries (including django, celery, numpy, pandas, scipy, cvxpy).

Your key responsibilities will include:

Extending ALPIMA's internal codebase (where appropriate in response to client priorities)
Improving the structure, design and efficiency of all aspects of our codebase
To understand and keep up to date with both our product and our client landscape as they evolve
Develop code in collaboration with clients to prototype and develop solutions for their business needs

Things you should have:

  • A history of developing and contributing to large scale software projects (3+ years' experience preferred)
  • Strong knowledge of software design principles (particularly OOP)
  • Experience writing production grade solutions using python along with the core libraries numpy and pandas (2+ years preferred)
  • Knowledge of modern developer tools: docker, git, Jenkins
  • Knowledge of technology infrastructure, functional dependencies and business requirements of financial institutions
  • The ability to bring appropriate knowledge and creativity to clients’ challenges and specify concrete proposals to meet their goals
  • Ability to identify blockers to project success and find ways to unblock them
  • Keen to learn new technologies and push your skills forward
  • A focus on crafting the cleanest, most efficient and maintainable code possible
  • Great communication skills with an ability to articulate technical details to both peers and non-technical stakeholders

Bonus points for:

  • Experience with django, celery, and cvxpy
  • Some understanding of how financial markets operate
  • Knowledge of asset management and risk-based optimisation
  • Some exposure to MongoDB
  • Awareness of the AWS ecosystem
  • Knowledge of project, change, and relationship management principles and practices

What can we offer?

  • Comprehensive healthcare + dental cover
  • Fantastic colleagues: talented, trustworthy and friendly people to work with
  • Generous training budget and allowance for training days — ask us for more details!
  • Competitive salary in a fast-growing company.

Get in touch at careers@alpima.com

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