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Published in Insights on 6th April 2020

The more volatile the markets, the more important it is to understand what drives performance and risks within portfolios. Within the ALPIMA platform, interactive dashboards that update automatically provide valuable insights into your portfolios and investment strategies.
Both charts below were generated on the ALPIMA platform.

The first one shows daily performance contributions within a dynamic USD-denominated multi-asset portfolio built with the ALPIMA platform. This portfolio rebalances periodically with the objective of being the most diversified on each rebalance date. Note how clearly one can see market volatility manifest itself within the portfolio, starting the week of 24 February and increasingly thereafter.

The second chart shows annual performance contributions for the same portfolio, highlighting the importance of diversification in turbulent markets. What this dynamic portfolio lost in equity returns year-to-date, it made up with US treasuries and gold.

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Data Source: ALPIMA. Data as of 6 Apr 20.


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