Man + Machine, not v. Machine

Published in Insights on 18th September 2016

Today’s excellent FT article “Man v machine: ‘Gut feelings’ key to financial trading success” makes a good point, namely that “Humans can indeed compete against the machines.”

An interesting question is how to combine human + machine to achieve the best of both.

Given the complementary strengths of humans (imagination, critical thinking, making sense of news) and machines (computational power, storage, no judgement biases, etc.), it seems intuitively possible to combine them to yield an optimal outcome.

This idea inspired the way we designed our platform – that is to give our clients an intuitive, computational extension of themselves that is capable of generating insights ranging from determining if a particular asset needs to be included in a portfolio to seeing what it ‘feels like’ to own a certain strategy before investing, and projecting its likely performance in the future. Add to this a very human, social / sharing dimension and you can see how human + machine can yield results which neither human nor machine would ever reach alone.

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