AIMS means ALPIMA Investment Management System.

With AIMS you can:

  • Set up your portfolio universe with as many levels as you need to serve your clients.
  • Connect portfolios to each other using logic of your choice. This is possible thanks to our unique Object-Oriented Investing™ approach. Portfolios are digital objects that can be logically linked to each other.

  • Manage trees of connected portfolios with ease.

  • Make strategic and tactical allocation changes via editable grids, view their impact before implementation, and propagate them automatically within your entire portfolio universe with one click.

Deliver guided portfolio allocation

  • Configure your Rulebook to ensure all portfolios remain within your guidelines through time.
  • See the impact of your allocation decisions across all portfolios with full transparency.
  • Provide the degree of customisation you want to your clients within your framework.

  • Leverage your brand, your expertise, and your product range to deliver differentiated service.

Allow customisation at scale within your rules

  • Combine the best of human and machine within a robust, customisable, and auditable framework
  • Enable scalable personalisation within your discretionary business
  • Provide next-generation advisory by seamlessly linking your clients' portfolios to your strategic asset allocation on one integrated platform 

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