Build, optimise, test and implement institutional-grade personalised investment strategies in minutes.

Harness the power of low-code / no-code for fast portfolio construction and strategy design. 


With ALPIMA Architect, building or importing a portfolio takes seconds and a few clicks. Portfolios can be static or dynamic, based on fixed weights or an optimisation logic of your choice.  Our powerful No-Code interface automatically generates an editable programme that describes your portfolio, so it can be retrieved, edited, shared and deployed easily.    


Once built or uploaded, your portfolio can be viewed in great detail across past, present and future based on your assumptions. ALPIMA Architect links seamlessly with ALPIMA Visualiser, to allow you to see the drivers of risk and performance in great detail.


Each portftolio is handled as a unique digital object with its own identifier and a logic that describes what it does. Customising your portfolio can be done in seconds with a few clicks, i.e. "No-code", or, if you prefer, a few lines of code, i.e. "Low-code". You can immediately see the impact of your changes on performance and risk, and easily compare your portfolio with others and / or benchmarks of your choice.  


Use ALPIMA's powerful suite of analytics to understand the drivers of risk and performance within your portfolio.  ALPIMA Architect is seamlessly connected to ALPIMA Visualiser so you can clearly see and understand your strategy's behaviour in real-time, both in absolute terms and relative to benchmarks of your choice.  


Portfolios and comparisons can instantly be shared with multiple users, so you can quickly receive feedback and improve collaboration within, and across teams.


When ready, activate your portfolio for validation, advanced testing, or actual execution. Your portfolio's target weights are sent electronically to the right place and executed weights are fed back for accurate reconciliation. 

This reduces your workload and the amount of time between idea and implementation and minimise operational risks.  

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With ALPIMA Architect, building or importing a portfolio takes seconds and is done with a few clicks.

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