Smart visualisation for a better understanding and more engagement.

ALPIMA Visualiser enables cutting edge analytics and visualisation for risk professionals, sales, advisory teams and their clients, in near-real time via interactive, modular dashboards.


See the past with unmatched clarity: past performance, performance contributions, performance attribution, key risk metrics, risk contribution, historical scenarios, drawdowns, return distributions,  diversification, robustness, historical allocation and more.         


Bring the present into sharper focus with data that matters to you and your clients. Portfolio composition, risk contributions, risk ratings, ESG ratings, sensitivities to indicators of your choice, and more. And of course, see how your portfolios compare to benchmarks of your choice, so you can make better, more informed investment decisions for you and your clients. 


Look into the future to see expected return distributions, ex-ante return ranges, volatility estimates, as well as probabilities of gains, losses and achieving particular return targets.

Do More

Display dashboards of your choice on your own sites and mobile apps, generate configurable reports or feed your own reporting system, connect your data and bring it to life on interactive charts.

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