Customised Strategy Design

For: Asset Managers, Banks, Index Providers


  1. How to provide bespoke strategy design at scale economically?
  2. How to integrate personalised design with electronic execution and lifecycle management?
  3. How to leverage technology to improve product design and decision making?


Different factors can make answering these questions challenging, including:

  • Multiple tools and languages used to design and test strategies.
  • No single platform for rapid prototyping.
  • Inconsistent visualisation.


Solve the problem with:

  • ALPIMA Notebooks - Our powerful programmable interface for advanced analytics and customised strategy design.
  • ALPIMA Architect – Our rapid portfolio construction optimisation and testing module.


The result is an integrated solution that boosts your capabilities and improves your workflow:

  • Use ALPIMA Notebooks to rapidly prototype customised strategies and visualise them on the platform.
  • This allows for thorough testing to happen with unprecedented speed and precision before deployment.
  • Take strategy optimisation to the next level with hyper-optimisation - identify the best set of parameters on historical and simulated data sets.
  • When ready, effortlessly implement your strategies.

The ALPIMA platform is designed to integrate with your market data, your databases and other existing systems.

Business Benefits

  • One platform from R&D to implementation.
  • Improve collaboration within and across teams.
  • Accelerate your research and origination cycles.
  • Powerful visualisation via interactive dashboards.

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