Institutional Solutions Platform

For: Asset Managers, Banks, Index Providers


  1. How to combine the best of human + machine to provide state-of-the-art institutional solutions?
  2. How to harness technology to solve difficult problems and make the complicated appear simple?
  3. How to minimise the time between concept and implementation?


A number of things can make it challenging to compete in the digital age, including:

  • Dated technology resulting in time-consuming portfolio analysis and recommendation processes.

  • Lack of interactive visualisation.

  • Limited “what if” capabilities.


ALPIMA solves the problem with our enterprise suite:

  • ALPIMA Notebooks - Our powerful programmable interface for advanced analytics and customised strategy design.

  • ALPIMA Architect – Our rapid portfolio construction optimisation and testing module.

  • ALPIMA Visualiser – Our smart visualisation module.

  • ALPIMA META – Our powerful admin app which allows you to administer users and monitor activity across multiple user types.


The result is a game changer, whereby institutional client portfolios are handled as digital objects to enable:

  1. On-the-fly portfolio upload and analysis
  2. Forward-looking portfolio optimisation
  3. Impact analysis of hedging overlays
  4. LDI solutions design
  5. Proxying of illiquid assets with liquid underlyings

..and much more.

With ALPIMA Notebooks, additional components can be coded up and added to the core platform – from bespoke optimisation engines to the interactive analysis of hedging strategies.

Connect various user types in your organisation and link the platform securely to your client-facing sites.  ALPIMA integrates with your existing systems (CRM, OMS/PMS, in-house data etc.) to act as single access point, seamlessly linking R&D/structuring/PMs with sales and advisory teams for greater efficiency.

This allows institutional coverage teams to deliver insightful portfolio analysis and advanced solutions design in record time.

Business Benefits

  • Provide institutional-grade Investment Intelligence™ in real time, leveraging your brand, product universe and technical expertise.
  • Offer a unique user experience and valuable, actionable insights to your institutional customers.
  • 10-100x: Accelerate your implementation speed by an order of magnitude.
  • Join up different users and multiple systems on one platform.
  • Administer users and access valuable internal and client usage data thanks to ALPIMA Meta.

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ALPIMA offers a complete range of solutions for Asset and Wealth managers, Banks, Product Providers, Institutional Investors and Asset Owners.

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