Interactive Visualisation

For: Asset Managers, Wealth Managers, Consultants, Retail Distibutors


  1. How to visualise your product range interactively?
  2. How to leverage technology to generate greater client engagement and increase sales?  
  3. How to differentiate in the digital age and generate valuable insights?


The status quo for product visualisation and reporting is based on decades-old technology built to meet customer expectations from a previous age.

This results in:

  • Static product information that updates infrequently.
  • Insufficient digital engagement.
  • The inability to respond to simple customer questions – such as: what is my portfolio’s exposure to gold, interest rate or company ABC?


ALPIMA solves the problem with:


  • ALPIMA Architect – Our rapid portfolio construction optimisation and testing module.
  • ALPIMA META – Our powerful admin app which allows you to administer users and monitor activity across multiple user types.



The result is a massive step change in portfolio visualisation, with interactive dashboards showing real-time metrics that matter to you and your clients, clearly revealing the drivers of risk and performance.

  • Your products and portfolios come to life with dynamic dashboards that update daily, powered by ALPIMA’s powerful quant engine.
  • Advanced risk and performance analytics are made easy to understand and contextualise.
  • Enables you and your clients to compare various solutions.

  • With ALPIMA Architect, you can offer the possibility of combining different products into truly personalised portfolios.

Business Benefits

  • Achieve high-quality digital engagement with your clients.
  • Deliver Investment Intelligence™ while leveraging your brand, expertise and product preferences.
  • Your entire product range can be viewed on one platform that acts as central reference.
  • Administer the platform via the ALPIMA Admin App and monitor valuable internal and client usage data.

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