Modular Portfolio Construction

For: Asset Managers, Wealth Managers


  1. How to offer personalisation at scale while leveraging your product and markets expertise?
  2. How to offer modular portfolio construction within your rules using a clear framework?
  3. How to improve client service, increase engagement and enable Model Portfolios as a Service?


 Various obstacles typically make answering these questions difficult, such as:

  • A fragmented investment process with multiple moving parts.
  • Heavy reliance on different spreadsheets across the process.
  • A number of different systems used across the organisation by different types of users.


ALPIMA solves the problem using:

  • AIMS –  Our enterprise platform to build, connect and manage different types of portfolios in one place, so you can deliver guided customisation under your own rules.
  • ALPIMA META – Our powerful admin app which allows you to administer users and monitor activity across multiple user types.


 The result is a quantum leap in capabilities, whereby:

  • Individual portfolio objects are built from a wide range of editable building blocks designed and managed by you.
  • One set of grids is used by the CIO office to run strategic and tactical asset allocation (SAA and TAA) centrally.
  • Client portfolios are linked to SAA / TAA grids via one centralised rulebook designed to evolve over time.

As a result, clients benefit from true customisation and full transparency in near-real time.

The ALPIMA platform allows multiple product lines to be managed simultaneously in one place.  

Business Benefits

  • Deliver Model Portfolios As A Service while leveraging your brand and expertise.
  • Offer modular portfolio construction, guided customisation at scale and a differentiated client experience using your product range.
  • Deliver best-in-class digital engagement efficiently and securely via your own websites and mobile apps.
  • Accelerate your go to market from years to months, with the ability to stage future product lines in accordance with your strategic plan.
  • Administer the platform via the ALPIMA Admin App, and  view valuable meta data on usage.

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